1. Information for new students:

a. M.Sc. Theses:

1) Joel Charbonneau: Control of apoptosis in murine B cell hybridomas during stationary batch culture

b. Review papers:

1) Apoptosis - general
2) Biochemistry of apoptosis
3) Organelles and apoptosis
4) Bcl-2 family
5) Domains of proteins involved in regulating and modulating apoptosis
6) Caspase substrates
7) Amino acids and gene regulation
8) Glutamine as survival factor

c. Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures

2. Protocols:

a. Biochemistry:

1) Western blotting

i) Collecting cell pellets
ii) Preparation of protein extracts
iii) Protein assay: Bio-Rad DC-assay procedure
iv) Protein crosslinking with DSS
vi) Transfer of proteins on PVDF membranes (Bio-Rad Mini-Transblot semi-dry transfer unit)
vii) Western Blot analysis
viii) Conditions for use of primary antibodies

b. Cell Biology:

1)General procedures

i) Cell culture: basic procedures
ii) Fluorescence Microscopy: overview
iii) Cell fractionnation: purification of mitochondria
iv) Cell cycle analysis by flow cytometry


i) Glutamine deprivation
ii) DNA fragmentation analysis
iii) Acridine orange/ethidium bromide assay
iv) Hoechst assay
v) Phosphatidylserine externalization

c. Molecular Biology:

1)DNA and RNA isolation and purification

i) RNA isolation
ii) Poly(A)+ RNA purification
iii) Genomic DNA isolation
iv) Miniprep plasmid DNA isolation
v) Qiagen Midi prep plasmid DNA isolation kit
vi) Large prep plasmid DNA isolation

2)Northern and Southern blotting

i) Northern blot analysis
ii) Southern blot analysis
iii) cDNA labeling
iv) Oligonucleotide labeling to high specific activity
v) 5' End Oligo labeling
vi) DNA hybridization

3)PCR-based techniques

ii) PCR of genomic DNA
iii) PCR-mediated DNA mutagenesis

4) Cell transfection

i) Electroporation
i) Calcium phosphate precipitation